What a shitty day

November 25, 2008

To torture myself I began the day with poasing again, only to see the expected result. No AF yet but hopefully tomorrow so this cycle will fit iui-wise into December’s calendar.

At work it’s boring as hell, really nothing to do. I spend the day refreshing our webshop statcounter.

And as the sugar on top, me and DH are having a really, really rough time at the moment. I hope from the bottom of my heart we will work this out together. I love him so much despite all the troubles we’ve had.



  1. (((((((hugs)))))))))

    I hope things with dh get better. I am sure they will, you’ve just had so much pressure and stress put on you, and with the holidays coming, well that cant’ help.

    Much love to you both from Canada.


  2. Darling I hope that things get better. I’ve had days like that and I know there will be more of them for me. I’m sorry that you got a BFN, it really really is not fair. I’m thinking of you my friend xx

  3. If only the if-shit was the only problem we’re having, but there’s so much shit we are both dragging with us from the past.. Sigh.. But we are working on it with all our willpower. Thanks again for being there, it means a world to me to have friends like you, even though you live in the opposite sides of the world!

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