November 24, 2008

When I left Helsinki at Friday to visit my sister we had no snow yet. Now we have some 20-30cm, traffic is a mess, trains aren’t moving, electricity doesn’t work in parts of the country. I can’t understand how winter seems always come as a surprise? You would think that people and companies here are accustomed to the snow and cold and would be prepared to the circumstances they bring but no, each year there are the same problems, like loads of car crashes on the first snowy day.

I’m not a big fan of winter but for a change it’s nice to have a lot of snow. I get to wear my new winter jacket in which I look like a little eskimo with my fake-fur hood on! And there’s nothing like staying inside under a blanket with DH watching telly and drinking glogg and eating buns when a blizzard is raging outside. Yesterday we couldn’t even see outside from our windows as they were totally covered in snow. The snow also brings so much light with it; now I don’t need a flashlight in the morning while going to the bus stop through the forest.

I took my last progesterone supplement yesterday, I guess AF will come in a few days. I’m not really hopeful about IUI#4, because I think our main problem is the fertilization and obviously it’s not happening this way. I hope IVF will be more succesful. I can’t think about the option that we would fail in that as well. I just can’t.

Me and sis made some guerilla marketing on the weekend for our jewelry shop on some discussion boards. We bought some google advertisement space too. The first weekend of the shop was a success, now it seems to be slowing down. Any ideas how to advertise for a web shop?


One comment

  1. Winter and snow!!! YAY!!!

    I lovelovelove blizzards, they are the best. For the same reasons…lots of blankets, hot chocolate (or other good stuff when not cycling…grrrrrrrr LOL)…looking forward to getting my xmas tree, then it can smell like the outdoors here too. 🙂

    Sorry about the iui crap..and yeah, I’d say that you would have a great chance with ivf..Wish you didn’t have to go that far though…


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