I <3 Progesterone

November 20, 2008

Yes, you read right. Despite the little discomforts like occasional dizzy feeling I’m loving it. Why? Because it has diminished my endo pain to minimum. Cramping and back pain are GONE for 3 days in a row. And that’s a lot for me. Why wasn’t I prescribed this stuff earlier? Mr. Google tells me that natural progesterone is a key factor when treating endo.

Anyone with endo having the same experience?

I attended a music quiz at a pub yesterday, a lot of fun though quite difficult! The only song I recognized correctly was Marianne Faithful’s “Ballad of Lucy Jordan”. Luckily my cousin (brother of my best friend) who was in the same team with me knew more. Next time I’ll bring DH with me as the questions were mostly metal/hard rock-oriented so he can lead us to victory!


One comment

  1. I actually had a similar reaction when I lowered my estrogen (instead of increasing my progesterone). I stopped drinking milk (lots of estrogen) and had much easier cramps and periods.

    Until you get your period, you’re still not out! Best of luck! 🙂

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