Hilarious..And so true!

November 16, 2008

If you want to learn something about Finnish social codes, watch the yotube sketch below. It’s hilarious! And so true :)!

Weekend has been mostly about eating 🙂 On Friday evening we had a nice dinner with DH (snails & pepper steak for me), and yesterday evening we served our friends zucchini pancakes, salad with pear, roasted pumpkin seeds, limburger cheese and cucumber, stuffed peppers with minced meat and mushrooms, zucchinis with feta and for dessert a delicious youghurt panna cotta with cinnamon apples and caramel sauce. Yammy!

Our webshop has started really well as a friend of mine advertised us in her popular fashion blog. We’ve got over 10 orders during the weekend! We are so excited with my sis :)! And if you guys want to order to Canada/North America, I think it can be arranged since I have a paypal account. The postal fees would be around 3-5 euros.

Really massive cramps on Friday, none yesterday, then again cramps and back pain today. A lot of dizzyness and some nausea too but I get it every cycle so it’s mostly endo-related. At times I feel devastated, at times I just can’t wait for us to begin the IVF cycle in January since IUIs seem worthless.

Now to watch Finnish Idols!



  1. how many iui’s have you had? i am having my second this coming week…

  2. This was our third IUI. We’ll do one more and then to IVF. Good luck :)!

  3. thank-you, good luck to you too! i’m not sure how many we will try before ivf, i guess we’ll just have to see.

  4. Love the sketch 🙂

    Damn those endo symptoms.
    I hate that feeling that the things are worthless and that despite your best efforts, you know it’s inevitable that you’ll need IVF anyway.

    I really really hope that you’ll get a lovely surprise and that IUI will do the trick for you

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