Promising dreams?

November 13, 2008

For the first time as I remember I dreamt about having a positive HPT last night.

In the dream I had done the test and thought it was negative, then later someone gave it back to me and said, look, it’s not negative and there were two faint lines. As I looked at it the lines grew stronger and stronger and finally were so dark crimson they started to smudge. I can’t describe how I felt in the dream; ecstatic, over the moon, happiest ever. My sister was standing next to me and I said to her I got a positive but I wanted to make sure it was real. I whispered to DH’s ear that I think I got a positive but I was going to make a new test just in case.

And then the alarm clock rang, I woke up and was devastated that it had only been a dream. It felt so real.



  1. OHhhhhhh, I like that!!!

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING crossed for you that I can possibly cross!!!


  2. Oh Emily, I hope it’s more than a dream!

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