Symptom watch 5DPIUI

November 12, 2008
  • Back pain 😦
  • Dizzy/lightheaded feeling some times (I blame the progesterone)
  • Gassy
  • Post-O slightly sore nipples
  • BBT 36.7C

And that’s about it. So nothing promising so far.

We are going to buy a new car today :D! It’s a Hyundai and half smaller than our Fiat. Now I can also may be able to park it!



  1. bummer.(I will keep on hoping!!)

    And yay for new car!


  2. Emily – I cant believe how much we are alike! I have a Hyundai!

    I hope that you start to get some promising signs very very soon. xoxox

  3. Yay for new car! Double yay that you don’t have and aren’t buying an American piece of trash like we have. Oh how I miss my Volkswagen.

  4. Mrs Woggie, great that we have the same car :D!

    American cars are kinda expensive here, we mostly drive European (pieces of shit according to my father).

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