Another 2ww

November 10, 2008

It’s 3DPO, I’ll be starting the progesterone supplies this evening. So far I have the normal post ovulation sore nipples-symptom (which I’m glad is present this cycle because I think it means my hormones are working properly), I have ew cm which I don’t usually have post ovulation and then the usual mild cramps and back pains. And I have some hope!

Weekend was fun, the horror movie wasn’t that scary but more a dark drama. And quite ok, although I hate when a movie depicts old times (here 16th century) and the characters talk like these days… Brazilian restaurant was nice too, although the food wasn’t as good as the first time we visited it. Later we went to have drinks with a friend and his girlfriend who just happened to walk by the restaurant we were eating in. That never happens to us in Helsinki.

On Saturday morning we drove 2 hours to granny’s house, visited granny in the nursing home and did a few hours gardening work. My granny’s place has a huge garden but since no one lives there any more it’s becoming a jungle.  DH, my father and BIL built a fire of all the branches we’d cut down and made us a pit-roasted dinner under the fire. We stayed inside with mom and sis as it was raining and sooo cold. Went to sauna, had some red wine and talked.

Mom asked me directly where we are standing now with the ttc project and I told her we are doing IUI and if it’s not working we’ll proceed to IVF. It wasn’t so bad telling her after all. As I’ve mentioned before, there is a history of infertile women in my family. Two or three of my  granny’s (mother’s side) sisters had endo too and never had any babies. But I think the circumstances in the 1960’s where quite far from today’s and I’m confident modern medicine has improved a lot from those days and if IUI won’t work we’ll have better chances with IVF. And my sister wasn’t pregnant which was a huge relief to me. Yes I’m evil to think like this.

Today I’m having a day off from work, slept until 11AM and had breakfast while blogsurfing. Next I’ll switch my other computer on and start to finish our jewelry shop pages, I’m hoping we’ll launch them within a week or so.

I’m thinking about skipping kickboxing during this 2ww just in case. Because we do a lot of punching/kicking directly on the stomach so it probably isn’t a good thing regarding implantation/eps… Ok it might be overly cautious but still, I want to do everything I can to improve our chances. This morning I even skipped my usual coffee dosage!



  1. OHhhhhhhhh, your weekend sounds lovely….sauna and wine…*sigh* I am seriously having sauna withdrawal problems…..better get on building the one in the back yard here….maybe by spring….(hey, I can dream…LOL)

    I’ve got Al looking for that movie…hehee. I want to see it.

    And glad that you had a good chat with mom. 🙂

    Enjoy the wait!! 😉


  2. It’s not evil for you to be glad your sister isn’t pregnant! You’re allowed to be selfish sometimes.

    I’d be overly cautious and skip kickboxing too. I’m always caution during the 2ww – nothing strenuous, minimal alcohol, try to keep stress to a minimum, no over the counter drugs. Crazy and obsessive, yes, but I guess whatever makes me feel better works.

    I can’t wait to see your jewelry shop, by the way.

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