Thank you

November 7, 2008

Dagny & Kirsten, I’m sure it’s because of your comments to my eggies that this morning the OPK was POSITIVE!!! DH is at this moment giving his sample and I’m going in for IUI at 12.30. Ok I’m a little excited, must admit, but still cautious because the last 2 rounds failed. I have hope left, but I’m scared to use all of it on this one. But I’m so happy we get to do this today :)!

This evening we’ll go watch a Finnish horror movie Sauna, it has gotten good reviews and is basicly the first real Finnish horror movie ever made so I have high expectations on this one. And later we’ll dine in a very nice Brazilian restaurant! Tomorrow morning we’ll head to my grandmother’s house where my parents and my sister and her DH will be waiting and spend the Father’s day there and visit our granny in the nursing home. I hope nothing so much that she’ll live to hear me tell her I’m pregnant. She’ll be 92 in December. I’m sure mom will want to hear how our treatments are proceeding and I just don’t feel quite comfortable about discussing the issue thoroughly with her. I know she wants to be a granny so much I feel I’m letting also her down because we are not succeeding…Every time she calls she’s fishing for information whether I’m preggo or not but not asking directly. And I think she should know better about dealing with infertiles as her twin sister and her husband never got to have any babies.

A couple of more hours and hopefully I’ll have a few million quality swimmers inside of me :)!



  1. I’m crossing my fingers that this round of IUI will be successful for you.

    I know how you feel about having a mother who fishes. My mother is the same. I love her to death but sometimes it’s hard to deal with.


    Just about to stab myself with first stim needle, so will comment more once I am done, but wanted to say yay for eggs!!!


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