8 million!

November 7, 2008

That is the number of swimmers we had today :)! That is like a zillion times better than the lousy 1 million we had last time! Woo hoo! DH really improved his targeting skills 😉 The timing seemed to be perfect too; apparently the egg was just about to be released but the follicle hadn’t started to collapse just yet (like the 2 times before). Which means that I ovulate really fast after getting a positive OPK, because yesterday at 5PM it was still negative and positive this morning at 7.30AM, so I guess the peak started somewhere in the middle of last night.

And again I ovulated from my right side, although there was a smaller follicle on the left side too. This was the third time in a row from the right side so I asked the RE whether it’s normal or not, but she said there’s no need to worry since my left side seems to be working fine too.. On August’s u/s I did ovulate from the left side. It’s funny because I was sure that this cycle it was the left ovary too because I get constantly twinges on that side. But I guess they might be more endo-related pains then… Doc also told that some times the twinges may radiate from side to another because the ovaries lie quite close to each other.

I fetched my progesterone supplies from the pharmacy and will be starting them on Monday. Exciting times! We agreed with RE to do one more IUI if this one doesn’t do the trick. But I hope so much this third time will carry a lucky charm!



  1. Yahoooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Way to go dh, hitting the cup this time!!! hehee.

    Looking good. You HAVE to get pg this time, and Emilythehopeless and I will also get pg, and we can all be pg together. The timing is just too perfect!!!!!


  2. Yay! The timing is all on for you this cycle! Good Luck!

  3. good luck!!!

  4. Good luck, good luck, good luck!

  5. Great number! I’m really hoping for you!

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