Hurry up, eggies!

November 6, 2008

Still no positive OPK. I’m going crazy over this. If it’s not positive tomorrow morning, you know what happens. I’ll have to wait shit scared whether I’ll O on the weekend or not because the next chance for IUI is on Monday. Last cycles I had the positive OPK on CD12-13, now it’s CD14. Thanks eggies, I know you are having so much fun on my behalf!



  1. Damn, that really sucks. Are you considering a medicated IUI cycle in the future? At least them you could time the O part with the trigger so it won’t fall on the weekend.

    Dear Emily’s egg,

    Either show yourself tomorrow, or not until Monday. Please see if you can follow this schedule.

    A friend of Emily. 😉


  2. Ha, thanks Dagny for your letter to my eggies :)! I think we will move to ivf next if this doesn’t work, as my endo is getting worse all the time and RE thinks we shouldn’t wait…

  3. Eggs….MOVE IT!!!! I hope your eggs come at an appropriate time Emily xx

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