November 5, 2008

I was going to title this post “there is no justice in  this world” but since Obama won the US election that isn’t completely true…

But here’s the story: DH has a friend whom I also know shallowly. She’s got a 1,5 years old daughter who was conceived when the girl “forgot” to mention to her boyfriend she’d quit the pill. They had been going out for 1-2 months at that time. Well, they aren’t together with baby’s father anymore but she has boyfriend #3 or #4 after their break-up (with whom she’s been like 3 months now). Yesterday she posted a picture of a positive HPT at her facebook page. I don’t know if this time it was the same story with “forgetting” the pill or was it just a pure accident. And needless to say, she isn’t exactly the mother of the year-material, but is constantly away from her firstborn child. Anyway, it’s SO FUCKING UNFAIR.

I guess if I’d get on the pill again and then behind DH’s back would “forget” to take it we’d succeed too. Worth a try :P?

No positive OPK so far, I got a lot of ovarian pain on the left side but it’s difficult to distinguish whether it’s endo- or ovulation-related. I just hope this won’t be an extralong cycle because I’ll lose my nerves if I’ll have to pee on those fucking sticks for 2 weeks in a row just waiting for the positive result.



  1. People like that shit me to tears, they really do. Huge hugs darling. I hate those kind of announcements 😦

  2. VERY fucking unfair.

    I’m sorry.

    But I have my hopes up for you and IUI #3.


  3. Completely fucking unfair! Ugh!

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