Afraid of the tv-license inspector

October 31, 2008

We have this thing in Finland called “tv-license”. It’s a tax kind of thing (around 200 euros) you are supposed to pay each year to the government if you own a television. The money is collected in order to fund the national broadcasting company (that mostly produces boring talk shows where old, boring people talk about some dull subject in Swedish). Guess what, like almost all young people, we aren’t paying for the license.

The only way the government can track whether someone who hasn’t paid for the license is to send an inspector to visit their home. Today DH got a call from the inspector asking about our license. And “officially” we don’t have a tv anymore πŸ™‚ So now I’m watching the Bold and the Beautiful (now that it airs again at reasonable time, I couldn’t watch it for a year because it was aired already at 4PM but luckily it seems things haven’t really proceeded so much in the world of Forresters) with my other hand on the remote, ready to turn the volume down if I hear someone walking in the staircase… Shh…

Yep, we are a bunch of anarchists here πŸ˜‰

I’m still sick, the sneezing doesn’t stop and my throat hurts and I’ve got some fever too. This sucks so much. Luckily next week I have the Friday off from work and following Monday too as I had still a few days of my summer holiday to use. And during Christmas I’ll have 2 weeks of holidays! Woohoo!



  1. Fight the power!!!!!


  2. How funny! This is the second time today I’ve “heard” someone talking about a TV license. This morning someone on the radio was talking about the TV license in England.

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