October 25, 2008

Had the obligatory CD2 lunatic attack today. I mean that hormonal crying seizure attack that turns me into something I despise. I sure as hell don’t want to be anything like that and yet every cycle it happens and I have no control over it. Poor DH who has to comfort me when I turn into that red-faced, puffy-eyed, weeping monster woman. She’s not me, I’m not her. I refuse to think that behaviour as a part of my identity.

But I’m ok now, the swing has passed and a little Saturday night html-coding (for the webshop) and power rock made me feel so much better 🙂



  1. Ah yes. I get “the rage” at the beginning of every cycle. It’s good times for everyone. DH can’t comfort me, because my rage is usually aimed at him because he did some dumb man thing like, oh, breathing.

  2. Gosh I totally relate – it seemed worse when I did the IUI’s than the IVF’s, but I would have a day where there was nothing you could do that wasn’t inciting crazy me! And no, that is not me! I know the essence of who I am, and that crazy crying person was the hormones! Take good care yourself.

    Coach Louise

  3. I have one of those too. I don’t even know who she is, but she was also here yesterday…much bcp induced weeping…LOL.

    Hope you are feeling better today.


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