October 24, 2008

For a second I thought we might have succeeded as AF didn’t show up yesterday. But I guess it was just her playing hide and seek with me because here she’s today, one day late. And I even poased this morning only to see NOTHING but the crimson red control line. Will I ever get to see even a shadow of that magical second line?  Sigh.

I have the appointment with RE next Wednesday and I have like a hundred questions to ask her. Like is my usual 12 LP long enough? Why do I get sore nipples every other cycle, not every cycle? What is this thing with the backache only 3 DPO? Does my body recognize already at 3DPO if the egg hasn’t fertilized? Is our problem  the fertilization or the implantation? Will I get some hormonal booster this cycle? Is IUI useless? Will we ever get a a baby?

I’m back at work and it’s a total chaos here. I will so deserve those ciders tonight!



  1. Well fuck.

    I’m so sorry.


    Hope your RE can help you with your questions.


  2. Ah don’t you hate when she’s got the nerve to be late?

    I’m crossing my fingers for you this cycle!

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