October 23, 2008

So the flu definetely got me. I stayed home yesterday and today too, tomorrow I’ll try to go to work because my colleague is absent too. And in the evening we are going out with my cousin :)! DH is out of town for two nights because their band is playing in Pori. I hate being home alone sick. I remember when I moved out from my parents and the first time I got ill and there was nobody to take care of me.  It was devastating. At home mom was always there to take care of everything. But luckily the mailman just brought me another season of BH90210 and a copy of my fav Finnish women’s magazine 🙂 So it’s not too bad.

I counted wrong and AF is really due today. I didn’t even bother to poas because I know it’ll be useless, the back pain and cramps are far too familiar. My breasts are a bit sore but so mildly I might be just imaginating it. I’m sure it’s nothing.

But now to see some Brenda & co. action and the horrible 90’s fashion :)!



  1. Sorry to hear you are sick Emily, I’m sure Brenda and all her mate will make you feel better 😀

    Get well soon! And stay away evil AF.

  2. I’d send some chicken soup over if you were closer! Feel better soon!

  3. Thanks :)! Guess which episode was next on BH: The one where Brenda thinks she’s pregnant and gets a green result on her hpt. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  4. Feel better soon!

    Coach Louise

  5. Yes, get well soon!!!!!


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