October 21, 2008

Surprise surprise. Hah. Expecting AF tomorrow, all the symptoms tell she’s coming. Well I didn’t expect this cycle to be a success anyway. Hopefully DH has better targeting skills next time 🙂

I made an appointment with RE for next week to discuss our next IUI and ask all the questions I have so far. Like could we try some hormonal boost next time. Had a horrible dream last night where our doctor was clueless with how to help us 😦 Deep inside I know we are going to have to do the whole IVF procedure. And I’m scared shitless about it. Not because of all the needles and hormones but because of the fact it is the most effective treatment and what if  even it doesn’t work?

I’m having also sore throat, running nose and general fluish feeling so I’ll have to skip kickboxing this evening. I guess I’ll leave earlier from work too if I’m not starting to feel better.

My parents are coming tomorrow for a visit and we’ll discuss my plans to start my own freelancer graphic design company on the side of my current work :)! I’m also planning to start selling my graphic prints at Etsy! I really need the extra cash at the point, I’ve used all of my visa’s credit limit and my current salary is so lousy.



  1. I’m sorry. 😦 (((gentle hugs)))

    And yeah, I hear ya about the IVF. The feeling of hopelessness/sadness and fear I felt when #1 failed was almost as bad as when my Dad died, I’m not even kidding. I’m sure this time will be easier if it fails..things usually are. So I am glad that I got failure #1 out of the way. Hopefully I dont’ have to get over failures #2, 3, 4. Cause that will be the official END.

    What about IUI with injectables? Maybe have a few more eggs to shoot for?

    And yes, tell Dh to get working on his aim, will ya? LOL

    Take it easy, and try to not be too sad. I’m thinking about you.


  2. Sorry about the bfn 😦 {{hugs}}.

  3. I’m sorry. 😦

  4. Hi Emily,

    Bad luck with BFN. Congrats on selling your art!

    Just remember that you won’t know if something works until you try it. And if it doesn’t work the first time, you can try a second time! Sure its rough, but you know how much you can handle.

    Coach Louise

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