Don’t feel infertile enough?

October 20, 2008

Don’t worry! I’ve got a solution for you! Visit a flea market on a busy Sunday.

I guess universe thought that the playground episode wasn’t quite enough to put me into my right place. Yesterday I was at the flea market stelling stuff with a friend and I tell you, it’s the place where the breeders meet. Every other woman was either 7 months preggo or parading with a baby on their arm. The worst thing however were the biatches on the table next to us going into details on their labor stories. Promise me everyone you will NEVER share that stuff in public. The person standing next to you might be a barren bitch.

I got junk sold for 80 euros (=105 USD), so I’m quite happy 🙂 That will pay for one acupuncture session and my Thursday afternoon Subway’s visit. And a little chocolate.

Doc just called about my infection test results and it seems I really have one! Hooray for that I guess :D!



  1. The nerve of them!

  2. STupid BREEDERS.

    I think I was swearing to myself about them around the same time you were. Damn grocery store. Seriously, do you idiots have to do that as a family??? It is busy enough there on the weekend. UGH. Asshats. 😀

    Glad you made some money!!


  3. One thing I can’t understand are the moms who bring their attack wagons to a super busy and crowded sale at a department store! Hello, what does your baby gain from it but getting irritated and screaming their lungs off?

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