October 18, 2008

Before my lap I had every cycle the symptoms of an urinal infection (without having one) but they usually lasted only a few hours and were tolerable. After the lap first few months passed with only very mild symptoms. Now the shit seems to be crawling back again.

It turned out that now my symptoms were not entirely endo-related. This morning the pain was so horrible (and had lasted a few days already) I had to travel across the town to the clinic that my workplace has a contract with and was prescribed antibiotics for urinal infection. I feel better now but not entirely well.  I also feel depressed, moody and extremely tired and I’m sure that also this cycle was worth nothing.

They will get the results for my tests only in the beginning of next week, and doc will call me if I really had an infection. I actually hope that I have, if this horrible pain is only endo-related and not manageable with antibiotics I will f#¤king explode with my enormous hatred towards endometriosis.

We had our great neighbor (he ordered one of my “Impefect Eve” prints!) as a dinner guest last night and the evening ended with me calling him at 5AM to wake up DH who had apparentely passed out on his carpet. And this morning we had yet another fight about reasonable drinking.

I want a vacation. I want to have time to do all my artsy projects without being stressed. I want away from this darkness and to a sunny warm place. I want to quit my job and do something more productive. I want to have a child and paint with him/her on a big paper on livingroom floor like we did when I was a child. I want to feel more positive and optimistic and believe that everything will be ok.



  1. It is much darker here too. And that in turn makes me darker.

    And I’m sorry dh was a silly boy. 😦 Fighting sucks.

    So I guess I hope you have an infection too then. Because I’d hate to see you with more pain caused by the endo. That is just not fair.


  2. You know, I think there might be something in that, I get urinary tract infections all the time but it’s not actually an infection. Maybe it is the endo. Huge hugs darling, sometimes life is just yuck.

    I tagged you for a friendship award 😀

  3. Thanks guys 🙂

    Mrs Woggie, I was diagnosed with endo after visiting a doctor for urinary tract infection symptoms and not having an infection. She suspected endo because of this and forwarded me to a gynecologist who then made the diagnosis after pelvic exam. Endo sucks so much!!!

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