October 17, 2008

Yesterday’s gig was GREAT! I think I’ve said these words before but it was one of the best shows I’ve witnessed in my whole life. The singer totally knew how to make a good show; making the audience scream and sing and sharing his Jack Daniels bottle with the listeners 🙂 And look at those sideburns! Thigh brushes they’d be called in Finnish :D! (it’s an old photo I found on the net) Me and guys had a blast! Today though everyone is hung over and we have an important customer meeting in an hour…

Concerning ttc; it’s CD21 7DPO/IUI. Back pain is fortunately absent today and yesterday too, but I have some familiar cramps and quite a lot ovarian pain on both sides. And my f#%king most annyoing endo symptom is back in it’s full glory; the symptoms of an urinal infection (without having an infection). It feels like pissing needles.

I was supposed to go out tonight with my cousin but her son fell ill so we’ll be having the ordinary Friday feast with DH instead. And tomorrow I’ll go rehearse my drumming after a long pause! On Sunday I’ll go with a highschool friend to sell some old stuff on a flea market, hopefully people want to buy all my junk fabulous stuff 🙂



  1. Glad you had a fun time at the show – you needed and deserve it!

  2. OMG, thigh brushes. I almost spit out my smoothie!!!! I’m using that from now on!!!!!

    And you have shamed me into picking up the guitar again today…makes my fingers so sore though!! I dont’ remember the piano being so cruel to me! 😉

    And I am glad the back pain is not here. And I hope that the twinges you are feeling are just a bean settling in for the long haul.


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