October 16, 2008

Somebody tell me how I’ll kick my candy addiction? Yesterday I HAD to go to the video rental and buy an enormous bag of candy. I just couldn’t stop myself. I swear sugar is like heroin to me. I get so bad crawings some times I could crawl 10 km in pouring rain just to get a Mars bar. I’d probably even sell a relative to get some. Chocolate and liquorice are my worst weak spots.

I quit smoking 2,5 years ago and it was nothing like this. I never smoked a lot during the week, but usually when partying I smoked a pack in one evening. After quitting I’ve only slipped twice, and didn’t even like the taste anymore and I don’t miss my Barclay’s at all. Ok sometimes if a person smoking passes me in the street the scent of cigarette smoke can smell a bit temptating but the craving passes instantly.  I’m so happy about the new legislation that prohibits smoking in most restaurants, bars and nightclubs, because now my clothes won’t smell like a chimney after a night out.

But candy, it wins all my efforts to stay on the decent endo-friendly low-sugared path. My flesh is so weak!



  1. Darling I’ve got no advice, I’m weak when it comes to sugar too. It’s crappy that sugar is bad for endo yet on of the symptoms is craving it! It really is a lose lose situation if you ask me!! Now where is that Mars Bar I’m craving!!!

  2. These days i’m wavering back and forth between craving sugar and salty. It’s dangerous!

    My husband quit smoking a month ago, and I swear he’s an eating machine! He’s always hungry!

  3. Wow, I am shocked that Canada was ahead of you on that smoking ban thing. We haven’t been able to smoke indoors here for YEARS. Not even on patio’s!!! And I didnt’ even care when I smoked, it just prevented me from smoking the usual pack at the bar…..except when it was -35C…then I’d get a bit ticked off having to go outside! 😉

    Good luck with the sugar. Ugh. I have that problem too.


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