October 13, 2008

Weekend was so much fun! On Friday evening after trying out two Kias we had the gluttony/wine feast with DH and watched In the valley of Elah. On Saturday morning we headed to Turku and DH dropped me at my sister’s and went to visit a friend of his. Me and sis did some business stuff first (we are starting a web shop for jewelry in near future!) and then had some Passoa. Then some Bailey’s. Then opened the Russian sparkling wine 😀 We had a dinner reservation at 8PM and of course we got in a hurry because we had to take the obligatory party poses before running to the taxi.

The stunning sisters

The stunning sisters

Dinner was great, food was absolutely delicious and the restaurant was cosy. We had snails with blue cheese for starters and I had lamb with two souces for the main course. Unfortunately there wasn’t any room for dessert though, so we only had coffee and helped our selves to another serving of Baileys. Then headed to the bar across the street (the one where my sister met her hubby for the first time) and danced the whole evening to Finnish rock classics. And had some salty liquorice vodka shots (a Finnish speciality). Ok I know you shouldn’t be drinking while traveling on the ttc wagon but I get to go out with my sister like once a year so it was a special occasion and I wasn’t drunk drunk. We had so much fun :D! Going out with my sis is a bit like going out with a prom queen; all men would like to have her and all women hate her because of her looks. She looks like a beautiful fairy 🙂

On Sunday morning I had to drive the first half of the trip because DH was too hung over. On the afternoon their band was rehearsing and my cousin came over with her son; he had just learned crawl! Soon he’ll be walking and talking too…

Now it’s CD17, 3DPO. I have the sore nipples I seem to get every other cycle during ovulation. Last cycle I was missing this symptom; I don’t know whether it’s a positive or a negative sign. No back pain yet although I had some before ovulating. Minor cramps but nothing extraordinary. Not too high hopes because of the low sperm count, but feeling positive still that there could be a slight chance we would succeed.


One comment

  1. Just keep having those positive thoughs!

    I’m waiting on IUI#3, myself. I’m guessing Wednesday.

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