Coming up…IUI#2 today!

October 10, 2008

I got the positive OPK result yesterday evening! Woohoo! It seems that my eggs have a twisted sense of humor and like to see me get nervous.  We have an appointment for the IUI#2 today at 1PM. Too bad though that my own doctor won’t be there, so we have to trust with this to a stranger. I hope he’ll be nice and I hope he can give me the prescription for progesterone!

Later today we will go to test drive some cars because we have to get rid of our shitty Fiat. According to the estimate price we got from the car dealer its value has dropped 50% within a year. How fucking nice is that. Honestly, during this year it has been fixed 5 times and it’s not an old car but a 2005 model. It’s the first own car for the both of us; I went over 2 years without driving one meter because I never had a car. I have never driven in Helsinki center and I dread even the idea. I’m the lousiest driver ever when it comes to parking; I need a lot that’s size of an airfield to get my car parked without hitting any others.

And as I promised, here is my latest work!




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    And glad your eggs, while having a twisted sense of humour, decided to behave finally!!!


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