IUI#2, maybe in a week already!

October 2, 2008

It’s CD6 and I already have some twinges on my left ovary side like last month too. If my cycle continues similar to the last one I’ll probably O on next Thursday or Friday. That means next IUI already in one week :)! Doc said that I don’t have to come in for u/s but only wait for a positive OPK this month and then make the call and book an appointment for the next day!

I don’t have my hopes as high this month though. Maybe because of the last disappointment, maybe because I know that with IUI you have much lower success rates than with IVF. But no giving up. Promise. The Finnish autumn isn’t the greatest time to try to stay high spirited, as it’s raining cats and dogs and the weather is gray, gloomy and depressing. I wonder how I’ll survive through the pitch black winter months if this doesn’t work. I try to get myself to think that this IS going to work and we WILL succeed. Somedays it’s just hard to believe in that.

We went to see Wall-E yesterday. If Kung-fu Panda was a great piece of animation, this was even better! The cg was amazing and the characters were stunning. Entertaining, fun, touching. The movie was so sweet I was constantly on the verge of tears. But good tears 🙂 Later we had dinner on a bbq place next to the movie theatre, I had tiger prawns which are one of my ultimate favourites and DH had really delicious swordfish.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my work! I’m heading to the class again this evening and have ideas for my next piece. I’m also trying to have time to update my online portfolio and I’m hoping to post a link for you in near future!



  1. Oh boy!! Well, I’m excited for you!

    And I loved that movie too, very cute. 🙂

    Raining and grey here too. Damn Fall…it’s nice when the sun shines…..if it ever shines…


  2. starting my 2nd IUI tomorrow. i know what you mean about finding it difficult to be positive. there has been so many let downs so far that it is hard to think things will ever work out with us. trying to stay positive. prayers with all of us!

  3. Good luck! I’m just starting CY 3 after failed IUI #2. It’s hard, but hang on there girly!

  4. Good luck to you Allski and IrishNYC too :)!

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