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Afraid of the tv-license inspector

October 31, 2008

We have this thing in Finland called “tv-license”. It’s a tax kind of thing (around 200 euros) you are supposed to pay each year to the government if you own a television. The money is collected in order to fund the national broadcasting company (that mostly produces boring talk shows where old, boring people talk about some dull subject in Swedish). Guess what, like almost all young people, we aren’t paying for the license.

The only way the government can track whether someone who hasn’t paid for the license is to send an inspector to visit their home. Today DH got a call from the inspector asking about our license. And “officially” we don’t have a tv anymore πŸ™‚ So now I’m watching the Bold and the Beautiful (now that it airs again at reasonable time, I couldn’t watch it for a year because it was aired already at 4PM but luckily it seems things haven’t really proceeded so much in the world of Forresters) with my other hand on the remote, ready to turn the volume down if I hear someone walking in the staircase… Shh…

Yep, we are a bunch of anarchists here πŸ˜‰

I’m still sick, the sneezing doesn’t stop and my throat hurts and I’ve got some fever too. This sucks so much. Luckily next week I have the Friday off from work and following Monday too as I had still a few days of my summer holiday to use. And during Christmas I’ll have 2 weeks of holidays! Woohoo!



October 29, 2008

I had to take my cell phone to the repair shop as it’s having constant problems with the memory stick and changing my ringing tone from White Stripes to the annyoing default tone. Yes, a huge problem :)!

They said it will take 2-3 weeks to get the phone fixed and in the meanwhile I’m stuck with their replacement phone. And it’s HUGE. So 1985. Weighs like a kilogram. Has space for 10 sms at the time (me and DH send constantly sms to eachother). And the screen has no colours! It’s an ugly piece of shit. I want my pretty cell back!


Questions to my RE

October 29, 2008

I had my talk with our RE today. And took the liberty to have rest of the day free from work since I’ve already sneezed half of my brains out.

I thought I’ll post the questions I asked and the answers she gave me, because someone else looking for similar information might be reading this. First my questions, then below doc’s answers (freely translated).

I can feel my endo coming back, what should we do?

It’s unlikely that the endo has spread a lot during these 5 months after laparoscopy and it’s not going to explode instantly. Still we shouldn’t wait too long but move on to IVF if IUI isn’t working soon. We’ll do 1 or max 2 IUIs and if they fail we’ll proceed to IVF in the beginning of 2009.

I have unmedicated elevated blood pressure (140/90 at highest), is that a problem?

-It shouldn’t be a big problem, but during pregnancy you would get monitored more closely and might have to take drugs to get the pressures down.

Can flu delay ovulation?

-It is possible that especially a tough illness or stress will delay ovulation. But it’s also normal to have longer cycles every now and then without any specific reason.

My luteal phase is usually 11 or 12 days long, is that enough?

-LP of 10-14 days is normal BUT longer LP would be better. We’ll add extra progesterone to this cycle after IUI.

Why do I get the sore nipples during ovulation only every other cycle, does that mean there’s something wrong with my hormones?

-It’s hard to say only regarding one symptom, but it might indicate a hormonal problem. Let’s hope that the extra progesterone will help this cycle.

I got the positive OPK on your first IUI cycle on Saturday evening, was Monday too late for IUI?

-It’s better to have the sperm waiting for the egg than do the IUI after the egg has already been released. It might have been too late. Next time, if you get positive OPK on an afternoon and then next morning, we’ll do the IUI on the same day.

Can you tell is your problem with the fertilization or implantation? I have backache at 3DPO, does my body know at that point that the fertilization has failed?

With IUI it’s impossible to tell, we only see you are producing eggs but we cant’ see if they are fertilized or not. About the back pain, it’s really hard to tell why do you have it.

What about having more eggs with clomid or other drugs?

As there seems not to be any problem concerning ovulation, extra drugs aren’t necessary. In Finland doctors don’t support producing lots of eggs and then doing selective reduction. With older patients and patients with ovulation problems they do add hormones to the cycle but if a woman produces more than 3 eggs then the cycle will be canceled because of the risk of multiples. Selective reduction isn’t done in FInland at all.

Could we do IVM? (=IVF without the drugs)

With endo patients the results are better with IVF, as the procedure is more controllable. Also some of the IVF drugs moderate endo. I would recommend IVF.

What about IVF then, how many eggs would we transfer if we will do it?

Probably one. 60-70% of embryo transfers in Finland are one embryo transfers, rest two embryos. Doctors favor SET and they are able to select the best embryos for transfer. The amount depends on woman’s age, medical history and general condition. In your case we would probably transfer only one embryo, as a twin pregnancy would cause much stress on your body since you have also highish blood pressure. The success rates with IVF are much better than with IUI as it’s more precise and we will learn if the problem has been the fertilization or implantation.

More about SET vs. DET here. Favoring SET means lower success rates than if three or four embryous would be transfered, but less risks as well. It’s not uncommon to couples to have to do two or three rounds of IVF before succeeding, as the doctors here like to play it safe. Of course it’s much cheaper here than in the US as government pays part of it, but still around 2000 euros a round.

I love my RE, although she couldn’t answer everything straight away I always get the feeling with her that she knows what she’s doing. There’s a certain wise aura around her. She told me not to worry, as we are only in the first steps of our if treatment, and that we should still try out at least one IUI before IVF. She also told me I can email her any questions I have. That’s great, so I don’t have to skip work all the time.

So this cycle its IUI #3 with progesterone. If that fails, probably IUI#4 in December. And if even that fails then IVF with SET in January. And I don’t want to think about the option of failing that as well.

This morning we got frost on the ground. I’m not a big fan of winter (especially the Helsinki “winter” with 5 months of rain and darkness), but there are some things in winter season I love. Like glogg and gingerbread cookies! Yesterday I watched a BBC’s drama Cranford with a mug off glogg and a jar of those christmas cookies, curled up on our sofa. I love BBC dramas too, they are so hiqh quality with good actors (this one with Judi Dench), great costumes and setup. And so British!

For two nights in a row I’ve dreamed of a town I’ve never visited, yet there was something familiar to it. It was a mixture of Tallinn, Maastricht, Paris and maybe some place in Italy too. First night I was there alone and it was 5AM with people getting home from bars, last night I was there with my parents and sis during the day. It was an old town with pretty buildings. There was a big market place with a white church tower, and picturesque restaurants surrounding the market place. Does anyone know where I’ve been? Maybe I’ll go there next night too πŸ™‚


Stuck with the flu

October 28, 2008

The flu seems not to go away. I feel like I’m sneezing my brains out. So no kickboxing today either 😦 I don’t know if this will delay O too like some other cycles. Well, that’s one of the questions I’ll ask RE tomorrow. I wrote them all down because otherwise I’ll forget them, my brain is like cottage cheese.

I also feel my endo pain coming back. It’s been 5 months since my lap and although I’ve had some symptoms all the time after it now I feel they are getting worse again. The dull ovarian pain on my left side, different from the twinging ovulation pain. I’m so sick of this, I don’t want to have another lap yet.
I want to get this fucking disease out of my body.

Finns celebrate Father’s day on November 9th. We are going to my granny’s that weekend with my parents and my sister and her hubby. For some reason I have this horrible fear that my sis is going to announce there she’s preggo. I don’t know how I could handle it, as sad as it sounds. I wished so much I could have announced mine and tell my father he’s going to be a grandfather. But I obviously can’t.

We had a munincipal election in Finland last Sunday and my candidate got elected :)! I’m not politically active but I always vote and usually for a leftist/green values woman under 40. Like this time too.

I spent my Saturday evening first having the terrible mood swing and crying on DH’s shoulder, then he went to a horror movie festival and I stayed home designing my new website until 2AM. I usually never stay up that late, but the project got me into a flowing state and I was so happy doing it. And the mood swing passed πŸ™‚ I hope to get it launched soon!

Yesterday I attended a pub quiz after a break (I used to do it every other Monday for two years). Our team came second which was a little disappointment but neverthless, it’s so much fun to show off your intellectual skills πŸ˜‰



October 25, 2008

Had the obligatory CD2 lunatic attack today. I mean that hormonal crying seizure attack that turns me into something I despise. I sure as hell don’t want to be anything like that and yet every cycle it happens and I have no control over it. Poor DH who has to comfort me when I turn into that red-faced, puffy-eyed, weeping monster woman. She’s not me, I’m not her. I refuse to think that behaviour as a part of my identity.

But I’m ok now, the swing has passed and a little Saturday night html-coding (for the webshop) and power rock made me feel so much better πŸ™‚



October 24, 2008

As I sat on the bus in Friday afternoon traffic on my way to my cousin’s ready to start the weekend I noticed a car next to the bus. Its register plate read “IUI-837”. Ha. Thanks universe for this, you really made my day! (Finnish register plates are always three letters-three numbers)

Me and cousin went to dine in a chinese restaurant and then had a few ciders in a pub. Then she started to feel too tired so we shared a taxi home. Our driver was a psychic. Really. He guessed our both home streets right when we just said which part of town we were going to. And we live like 10 km away from each other, we just drove first to my cousin’s. I suggested the driver to quit his current job and start making some money as an oracle!



October 24, 2008

For a second I thought we might have succeeded as AF didn’t show up yesterday. But I guess it was just her playing hide and seek with me because here she’s today, one day late. And I even poased this morning only to see NOTHING but the crimson red control line. Will I ever get to see even a shadow of that magical second line?Β  Sigh.

I have the appointment with RE next Wednesday and I have like a hundred questions to ask her. Like is my usual 12 LP long enough? Why do I get sore nipples every other cycle, not every cycle? What is this thing with the backache only 3 DPO? Does my body recognize already at 3DPO if the egg hasn’t fertilized? Is our problemΒ  the fertilization or the implantation? Will I get some hormonal booster this cycle? Is IUI useless? Will we ever get a a baby?

I’m back at work and it’s a total chaos here. I will so deserve those ciders tonight!