Towards IUI #2

September 27, 2008

Tested a BFN this morning. I didn’t honestly believe that there would be two lines. A couple of hours later dear AF arrived. I feel ok about this, as I saw it coming already a week ago.

Now two more weeks and then the next IUI :)! I don’t want to wait because as an endo-patient after laparoscopy your best opportunities to conceive are some 6 months post surgery. I got the bill for the first IUI yesterday on mail and was positively surprised; it was much less than I expected, 176 euros. DH already paid his part which was some 90 euros so 266e in total. What I don’t understand is the fact that dildocam-treatment is the most expensive part of all this; 124 euros. The IUI itself was marked worth of  21 euros.

The first round was rehearsal, now we are moving towards the real round! I’m not gonna give up and lose my hope yet.



  1. Oh good!! Onward and upwards.

    I’m glad you are looking forward to number 2.


  2. Good luck Emily! Great attitude.

    Coach Louise


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