This country is going straight down the toilet

September 23, 2008

We had another school shooting today. Only 10 months after the previous one. I used to think I was living in a nice, safe country where’s little to fear. But it seems that people here are turning crazy and you can’t escape the crazyness anywhere. Especially young guys are turning into lunatics. The last year’s school killer was a 18-years old guy, today’s was 22.  About a month ago a 18-year old guy stabbed a 14-year old girl to death on a basketball court. They didn’t even know each other. Some years ago in the metro a mentally ill stranger hit a young guy lethaly in the head with an axe. This turns my stomach.

What’s wrong with the world?


One comment

  1. I blame America.

    And yeah, it’s happening here too. *sigh*

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