No high hopes left

September 22, 2008

It’s CD21, 7DPO. I have ALL the usual pms/endo symptoms. The back pain, the cramps, the mood swings. And no EPS. So I really don’t believe any more that this first IUI was a success. At times I feel quite devastated, although I know it’s rare to succeed in your fist IUI. If AF doesn’t arrive before Saturday, I promise to POAS. But at the moment I’m sure there won’t be need for that. I fucking hate this.

And another boring work week ahead of me.


  1. Aw that really does suck hon. I hate all of those pre AF endo things, turns me into a grumpy bitch. Huge huge hugs.

  2. Fuck.

    I hope you are wrong. But saying that, I know we know are bodies FAR too well….

    But I’ll still hope you are wrong.


  3. I hope so much I’m wrong too…But as you said, I know my body too well to believe in that. Thanks for support you both!

  4. Sucks when you can see it coming way before you know for sure. {{huggs}}

  5. Yep, endo doesn’t really leave any room for surprises. Blah.

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