IUI accomplished!

September 15, 2008

Didn’t get much sleep last night as I was worrying whether today would be too late or not. I called the clinic on the minute they opened and made an appointment for the IUI at 1.15PM. DH had left a bit earlier to the clinic to release his swimmers, only to be called back once he was in downtown since I learned on the phone with the nurse that it would be better to give his sample later.

A couple of hours later DH left to the clinic as I sat home anxiously. Apparantely he’d been quite anxious too so getting his sample took longer than usual. A little later I left to downtown too and we went to the clinic together. We waited for our appointment and told each other stupid jokes and laughed hysterically. We both have a really nasty sense of humor and that’s probably one of the reasons we are together.

Our doc went straight to the business, I got my pants off and a minute later the swimmers had been inserted. Painless and fast (I wish I could say cheap too…)! Looking at the u/s doc told that our timing “couldn’t have been better” and I was so relieved to hear that since I worried the whole weekend about this. She also told that DH’s swimmers responded very well to the treatment and that now 85% of them were fast swimmers.

So according to our doctor we have really good odds in succeeding! I know that this was only the first step; now we’d need those swimmers to fertilize my egg and that egg to implant and stay on board. Since my bloodwork was normal and the uterian lining looked thick enough doc said that she doesn’t want to put me on any hormones. We’ll just rely on mother nature on the rest of the cycle. I truly hope she’ll be on our side.

Now I just need something to distract me for the following 12 days (my usual luteal phase) so I won’t obsess with this! I’ve made a deal with myself not to do any bbt charting for the rest of the cycle and only POAS if AF is late for real.

But all in all,  I’m so excited :D!



  1. How exciting!!! The 2ww is insane … hang in there!! Go swimmers, Go!!!!

  2. Come on mother nature! Fertilise that egg, implant that egg and make it stick around for 9 months!!!

    I’m glad to hear that everything went well. I’ll be thinking of you in the next 12 days. When you figure out how to not obsess, please tell me!

  3. BABY DUST!!!!


  4. Thanks guys 🙂 Your support means a world to me.

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