Greetings from Tallinn!

September 8, 2008

Had a great weekend! On Friday after the sweaty kickboxing training I headed to town with DH and two of his band friends (they have a new kickass stoner band that’s going to rock the world and make us rich :D) to go see the annual FInnish championship of fireworks. We watched the first two sets, had some cider and beer and then bought a pizza that we shared at the street before heading to a pub nearby for the rest of the evening.

The bass player of the band is also my cousin’s boyfriend and the father of my goodson. He told me how much they are both hoping fo this IUI to work and for us to have a baby too (their son was born in April). I was really touched  by his words, because I could tell they were straight from his heart. Ok, we were all tipsy at the point but still, you don’t often hear Finnish men talk like that.

On Saturday morning we headed to the port and the ship to Tallinn left at 11.30 and 2,5 hours later we arrived there. First we got to the hotel to leave our bags and then went to get something to eat and drink before the dinner. The hotel was situated just 0,5km from the port and in the middle of the beautiful old town. The room was quite small and didn’t have a double bed which was definetely a minus.

Our hotel in the old town

Our hotel in the old town

The room

The room

I would love a house like this!

I would love to live in a house like this!

The local dentist. Ha-ha.

The local dentist. Ha-ha.

Tallinn’s old town is very picturesque; it dates back to 13th century as Tallinn was one of the Hansa-cities in the Middle Ages. Nowadays it’s filled with tourists, Finns being the biggest group. The main reason most Finns travel to Estonia is the low price of liquor compared to Finland. It’s ridiculous; first the Finnish booze is imported to Estonia and then the Finnish tourists come over the sea by boat and carry it back to Finland…  Unlike most foreigners think, Finnish is not a language related to other scandinavian languages. So a Finn doesn’t understand a word of Swedish if he hasn’t been taught it in school. Estonian, however comes from the same finno-ugric language family and for us their language sounds very funny but sometimes comprehensible. It’s like Finnish spelled wrong or pidgin.

For us the reason to come to Tallinn was this:

a very happy tourist

a very happy tourist

The russian restaurant called Troika. We dined there first time 1,5 years ago when visiting Tallinn together for the first time (got engaged during the same trip). It’s maybe the best restaurant I’ve ever been to. The food is great (that’s russian pancakes with roe, onion and sour cream on my plate), the atmosphere is very cosy and they have all kinds of performances from accordion music to go-go dancers. We had a three course dinner with a bottle of red wine and of course some vodka shots 😉 You could say it’s a tourist trap but a very fine one.

waiter pouring vodka

waiter pouring vodka

DH's dessert, flambéed fruits

DH's dessert. flambéed fruits

After all the eating we were so tired we just crawled back to the hotel and went to bed already around 10.30 PM. I guess I’ve grown  middle-aged when I love eating more than a hard party night! Next day before the ship sailed back we did some shopping. We got russian sparkling wine (you can’t get it from Finland), local candies and for me sexy French lingerie.

our shopping

our shopping

YES I know our baby will be made in a clinic with the doctor but it won’t hurt either to try the normal style too! The choice of underwear in estonian shops differed quite much from the Finnish shops; everything was more clourful, more ruffled, more extreme, and of course sexier. But so are the Estonian women too. Whereas their Finnish sisters prefer comfortability and practicality in their dressing even if that means looking boring; the Estonian girls have stiletto heels on whether it’s raining or snowing, have always perfect hairdos and lots of makeup and prefer to be wrapped in fur and gold.

On our way back we watched the real middle-aged turn wild at the ship’s disco when they started to play the Finnish golden oldies. Very entertaining!

This morning I had again an appointment with the dentist and also did the CD7 bloodwork at my workplace’s clinic. Had to wait almost an hour at the lab, I was so frustrated because they had like one person doing the tests and maybe 30 patients in the queu. Sometimes all the clinics, whether public or private, just seem too inefficient. U/S is on Wednesday, I’m hoping to O already on Friday or then next week because the clinic is closed on the weekend.



  1. Beautiful pics.

    And again, I’m jealous!!!!! 🙂

    Hope the blood work was good, and that you get to IUI soon!!


  2. You go there too when you come here :D!

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