Toothache from hell…revisited

September 5, 2008

Had an appointment with the dentist today to fix the tooth. What better way to start the weekend than root canal treatment <3? First it was painless and I thought, wow, did I get out of this so easily? But no, then in the end the dentist managed to hit a nerve and the pain, oh the sharp, stabbing pain. I got tears in my eyes and twitched involuntarily. When I got out of there I swallowed a painkiller immediately, but it did nothing.

I had to run some errands while in the city, saw the homeopathic doctor who gave me the meds she didn’t have with her last time, went to the pharmacy to get more painkillers and stopped by the post office to fetch a surprise packet our dear friend had send from Vietnam. All this time the pain was killing me. I was ready to punch all people around me because I was hurting so much and they were moving too slow on the queus. What kept me going was the thought of heavy painkillers at home. The good stuff.

Luckily drugs took the pain away and now I’m fresh and ready to go kickboxing and then later in the evening we’ll hit the town to see the big fireworks they’ll have today. And tomorrow morning to Tallinn! Yay!


One comment

  1. Feel better!!!

    And have fun!!!!!


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