I’ve got geek parents

September 3, 2008

I just showed my parents how to play Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games on nintendo wii and now my father wants to get a nintendo wii at their place too :D! Hilarious.

I did the CD2 bloodwork this morning before going to work and made an appointment for the u/s on the 10th September. Also bought the expensive, digital OPKs yesterday because I want to be sure this cycle whether the result is positive or not. Now I still have to go do the CD5-8 bloodwork in the beginning of next week and then all hormonal testing should be over. I’m holding all limbs crossed that the results will be normal. Please let there not be anything more wrong with me.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time that the IUI might be already on next week’s Friday if I ovulate early this cycle too. I want this to work so bad. And I know it’ll be a crushing disappointment if it doesn’t work, even more crushing than with natural cycles even though I know that the odds are not on our side. Today I heard that an ex colleague is pregnant, but it was really easy to be happy for her since they’d been trying for 2 years already.

The co-worker who told me asked me when are we going to have a baby. What was I supposed to answer? That we are infertiles who have been trying frantically for over a year, and I’ve been close to losing my mind over this? That it’s impossible for us to get a baby in the “normal” way and we are moving on to IUI now? Instead of telling her any of this I just mumbled “not any time soon” and crawled back to my mole hole for surfing more IF blogs. I haven’t told anyone at work that we are ttc’ing, I guess they all expect it but I sure as hell don’t feel like sharing this with them. If some of my co-workers are reading this, it’s ok, but I don’t want to discuss this matter face to face with them.

Moneywise things aren’t looking bright at the moment. We have to pay over 1000 euros to get our crappy car fixed and the IUI will cost around 500e. The price of food has skyrocketed during last few months and everything generally in Helsinki is more expensive than in the rest of Finland. We have to eat macaroni for the rest of the year I guess. For some reason I get the feeling that IF treatments and money problems go hand in hand…



  1. Oh, do they ever. Damn money.

    And I got the “where are YOUR kids?????” on the weekend. I wanted to punch her in the nose. Ugh.


  2. Hoping that this IUI does the trick. 🙂

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