First RE appointment

August 21, 2008

So we had the RE appointment today, finally. I was quite nervous the whole morning before going there, I don’t know why. Our doctor was a really nice lady. Straighforward in her speech, which suits us better than fine. And we are in fact much wiser after this first appointment already.

It turned out that even though DH’s SA said that his sperm is fine, there seem to be some problems with the high antibody levels. This means that although he has a lot of good quality swimmers who move forward they can’t really reach their target because of abnormal viscocity.

I had the dildocam examination which revealed that I O’d probably yesterday from my left ovary. I thought so too, because the temp was 0.5C higher this morning. The doc told me however to stop charting, NOW, because it only adds more stress. So I’ll go bury my thermometer on the backyard. My ovaries, uterus and the uterian lining all looked flawless. My docs words: “you will certainly get pregnant with this uterus” 😀 Yay! She also said that I’m very likely to ovulate normally since I have regular cycles and have gotten positive OPKs and my tubes are open. Of course we still have to do the bloodwork to confirm that my hormones are working properly. I hope not to get any surprises there…

She said that they don’t normally start to plan the treatments on the first visit, but since we already had the SA results and my endo history papers she was comfortable suggesting IUI on natural cycle already for next month. I know it’s not the most effective treatment in the world but if the problem has really been with the swimmers not getting to the right place, not my endo, then it might do it! The doc said that she doesn’t “normally” start the treatments with IUI but in our case she thinks it might reall y do the trick. Can’t describe how excited I am! Now I only have to find out how to do my CD21 bloodwork in the middle of LAPLAND.

Yesterday’s gig was awesome. Those girls definetely rock!!


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