August 20, 2008

I feel like a train had ran over me and there’s a bruise on my left shoulder. Half of the muscles in my body are hurting. Yep, the first kickboxing workout was yesterday. And it was so much fun :D!! I sweated like a little red pig but like a very happy pig! We’re going again on Sunday.

Had another appointment to the acupuncturist too. This time he put a needle on my head and one on my lower back (and also the needles on my belly as last time). It’s strange how the needles hurt diffrently in different parts. For example the needle on my head didn’t hurt at all where as the on on my lower back hurt so much I had to bite my lip. The next session is on Friday and yet another on next Monday. I’m going to go bankrupt over this.

It’s CD13 and I suspect I’ll be ovulating on CD15 or 16. It’s a good thing that the RE is tomorrow so she can check with the dildocam if I’m really ovulating or not! They can do that, can’t they?

Tonight we’re going to see these girls play! The song is about domestic violence and roughly translated “if you’ll hit me one more time I’ll kill you”.  One of the best current Finnish live bands I’ve seen.



  1. Tell the acupuncturist if the needle hurts. They can adjust it to make it more comfortable.

    They should be able to give you an idea about date of ovulation from the ultrasound.

  2. I think that acupuncture is what did it for me!! So if it sends you bankrupt at least it will be worth it!!

    I think the RE will be able to see if you are ovulating. Mine could tell me which ovary I had ovulated from and how many days ago I had ovulated. Those dildo cams are pretty handy!!

    Thank for your support. It means so so so so much to me.

  3. I will continue to see the acupuncturist then :D!

    Mrs Woggie, I’m so sorry that things went badly for you, but I’m sure there is a lot of hope for the future! You getting pregnant gave me a lot of hope too. Hugs!

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