Weekend (and loads of food!) in pictures

August 18, 2008

On Friday I had my first appointment to the chinese acupuncturist. First got some needles on my lower back and few in my legs, then some on my belly and other side of my legs. Relaxing? yes. Expensive? definetely. 68 euros for a 40 minutes session, ouch!!! But I still booked two more sessions for this week, first one is tomorrow.

After the acupuncture I walked home and it was surprisingly warm. In the staircase I was greeted by a very good scent of food coming from our apartment. This is what DH had cooked for us:

Fresh pineapple, zucchini pancakes, apple/nectarine salsa, zucchini with feta cheese, salad with cucumber and pepper, sour cream, mix of parsley, onion and radish, chicken skewers and spicy meatballs. And ice-cream for dessert. Yumm! All this was consumed with a nice bottle of red wine from Chile. We are total food-holics.

Saturday involved eating aswell. We drove to my parents house in the afternoon after first taking our cats to DH’s father in another town. I think I inherited my love for food from my parents, because they love cooking and eating as much as we do.

My parents' house where I grew up

Me and mom cooking. See the matching outfits.

Me and mom cooking. See the matching outfits.

We spent the evening eating and drinking, playing board games and watching awful embarassing home videos where I’m 13 and wearing the worst clothes ever. On Sunday morning I woke up to the scent of bacon that my father was cooking for breakfast. I never cook bacon at home but at my parents’ it’s like a tradition to have it for breakfast. After eating we headed to forest to seek mushrooms, but they were all hiding! We only got a few chanterelles.

After the forest it was time to eat again! This time grilled sausages, pork, zucchini, corn and pineapple.

It’s mid August and it’s so autumny here. I guess it’ll be quite chilly next week in Lapland, now the temps are around +10C there.

rowan tree at my parents' garden

rowan tree in my parents garden

apple tree in my parents garden

I learned this weekend that my mother’s twin sister doesn’t have endo. In fact there was never nothing wrong with her, but her husband. Hearing this felt like 100 kilos off my shoulders; we aren’t a completely barren family after all. Maybe there is hope for me too. We have our first RE appointment finally on Thursday and I hope to be know much more after it.

Now I have to go. Guess where? Cooking of course 😀



  1. Can’t wait to hear what your RE has to say. 🙂

  2. I can’t either :D!

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