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Kick-ass bitch

August 13, 2008

I enrolled to a kickboxing class, it’ll start next Tuesday! I’m going with a friend and it’s only 100m away from our house so I possibly can’t allow myself any excuses for not going there. No more slouching on the couch with reality shows! I used to do karate back in the teen years and thaiboxing a few years ago and it was so much fun, I hope this will be too. And hope to get some of those anxieties, stress and aggressions out of me! This is one step towards my old self. Next I’ll dye my hair back to screaming red 😀

My visit to the homeopathic doctor was quite a disappointment this time. She seemed to be clueless with what to do with me, and we only increased my dosage of sepia, no new remedies were prescribed. It felt like 70 euros flushed in the toilet. I’m thinking about switching from her to the acupunction since it seems much more efficient. I already emailed one chinese acupuncturist near us about his timetables and the costs, hopefully he’ll answer soon.