Total Awesomeness!

August 4, 2008

We went to see Kung Fu Panda on Friday after work. It was a totally awesome movie. Hilarious, entertaining, pretty cg eye-candy with good voice-acting. I ❤ Jack Black. It was definetely his movie.

Before the film there were commercials as usual, and during one phone operator spot I almost burst into hormonal tears; it was about a nerdy little boy going to school for the first day and his mother taking him there. Of course I started thinking if I’ll ever get to take my child to school and wait for them anxiously to come home. And then I started to think what if I’ll finally get pregnant and we’ll get a girl and I’ll pass on all this endometriosis shit to her and she’ll have all these problems aswell? Luckily the movie was so good it took my faul mood away. The PMS-hormone attacks are a true bitch. One time pmsing I even cried when  Paul Potts was singing on the telly. Seriously. That’s sick.

After the movie we went to eat in a Greek restaurant and during a 5 minutes time I saw 3 pregnant women parading by the window rubbing their bellies. Couldn’t there be a law that pregnant women should stay at home or with their giant bellies?

The trip to Naantali was great even though the weather wasn’t. I’ll post some photos later. The villa was cosy and in the middle of the pretty old town. I envy the people who get to live there on a regular basis. We popped the champagne (though we are so ignorant we couldn’t really taste the difference to a chepaer bubbly) and had strawberries and chocolate with it and gave each other presents. I quess not quite the traditional wedding anniversary gifts but then again we are not the most traditional people either. My husband told me beforehand that he had picked a gift that he was sure would make me laugh. And of course I bursted into spontaneus laughter after opening the wrapping and seeing this:

The best gift really! I’ve been missing Brenda & Co so much these years 😀 We already watched the first episode yesterday. As we are games/movies/entertainment-junkies, my gift to my Husband was in a digital disc aswell.  We tried out some zombie-whacking yesterday evening, quite much fun!

On the Saturday evening we dined in a fancy restaurant and I slipped from my diet with the half a bottle of champagne, half a bottle of chardonnay, white bread, chocolate and the delicious panna cotta I had for dessert. You could say we truly enjoy eating. It was a great evening. I love my husband. And food. But now I’m back to my regime. Swear.

This morning while walking to the bus stop through the forest the weather felt so autumny. I love autumn but couldn’t we get more of summer than 2 days this year? The climate change messes everything up. No real summers anymore, no real winters with snow. Only gray, rainy days.

It’s CD24, temp was 36.9C this morning. Heavy cramps, massive back pain yesterday. I predict AF for this afternoon.

Just noticed that my sneakers smell like cat’s pee. Thanks guys.


One comment

  1. That sounds like a GREAT time. You guys are like us I think, we are also not normal…heh. 🙂

    Awesome gifts!!!

    And sorry about the impending AF. Life is not fair.


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