Wtf, did I ovulate without noticing it?

July 29, 2008

It’s CD 18. My bbt was 36.8C this morning. Yesterday it was 36.5C and the day before 36.9C. Days before the temperature varied from 36.3C to 36.7C. I got the “almost” positive OPK on the cd 13. Now my fertilityfriend suggests that I would have ovulated on CD13. But where were the ovulation pains, sore nipples and headaches then? If it’s over 36.7C tomorrow I’ll believe it’s true but I’m sceptic, I never ovulate this early. What is going on?! Is this an anovulatory cycle maybe? How can it be this difficult to interpret your own body?

The tooth isn’t aching anymore and I managed to go orienteering yesterday. I’m maybe the worst map-reader ever but I love running in the forest. I missed three spots this time so I totally sucked but neverthless I felt really good afterwards. I need to exercise much more, preferably outdoors. It will keep me sane in the middle of all this infertility shit



  1. Oh I hear you on the exercise…I need to do more…I wish I could run again. gah. Orienteering sounds like fun!!

    Took a look at your chart, and yeah, it’s hard to tell…but maybe you did. I’ll keep stalking you now!


  2. Orienteering is so much fun! I’ve noticed running feel much more fun when there’s a “reason” for it 🙂

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