Toothache from hell

July 28, 2008

It’s back, the toothache from hell. Thanks to my enormous sweet tooth, I had some 6 holes in my teeth last spring, one of which required a root canal treatment as the hole extended to the nerve. Now the same tooth is aching like hell. I was lucky to get an appointment already for today. Wonder what they will do with it, maybe pull the whole rotten tooth out? Ouch.

The dentist told me I have the kind of teeth that catch caries easily. So combined with my notorius taste for sugar it’s a complete disaster. One more reason not to eat candy so much.

Friday in Pori and catching up with friends was nice. I didn’t remember though that people there drink a lot. I mean at the Irish bar where we were hanging the people were ridicuously drunk; falling off from their seats and leaving their own beers at the counter for the barman to watch over. I had 4 ciders and wasn’t obviously drunk enough for that place.

On Saturday evening we went to play some drums, then chilled at home with a bottle of semi-sparkling wine (frizzante), cooked delicious dinner with chicken skewers, salad and wokked vegetables, strawberries with whipped cream for dessert and watched Indiana Jones and the last crusade on dvd.

CD 17 and no signs of ovulation still. I guess this will be a long cycle again. Some minor cramps today but I had at least 5 days without any cramps or back pain! Hooray for that!


The tooth was almost completely dead. It was the one with a massive hole that they already fixed this spring but didn’t make the root canal treatment then (next to the one to which they made the treatment) .  Now I need to have it done for that tooth too. And they only have free appointment times in September or October. Niiiiice! The pain is constant, throbbing, BAD. And I was supposed to go orienteering after work 😦 I’ll go buy some false teeth.



  1. (((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))

    I am so sorry for your pain!!

    Hope the bad tooth gives you some relief soon.


  2. The pain is actually milder now 🙂 Only biting is difficult. Well, I’ll just bite with the left side then!

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