July 25, 2008

I’m a total sucker for New Age (especially tarot…) and I visit Worldoffroud-oracle almost daily, although I know it’s not “real” tarot. The deck is however one of my favorites and I have it at home too. Today’s card made me feel quite good 🙂

Starter Reading: Iris tells us that light is breaking through our present darkness, and that hope is a powerful factor in speeding up this process. She does not promise us that the storm is over, nor does she say that it will never storm again, but she does say that there is brightness and beauty here. She also tells us that there is something to be gained by this passage through the storm. And the sooner we learn what it is, the sooner the storm will end. Always, a passage through the storm is a time of potential growth, a time to allow the deadwood of our past to be blown away to make room for the green shoots of new growth. At this point, it is useful to ask ourselves what we still need to release and to look after protecting and nurturing the seeds we have planted. Iris suggests that the cultivation of patience may also be helpful at this time. The storm is breaking up. Are we ready for the change? If we are presently frogs, the faeries say, the time of our transformation, foretold by the rainbow, may be at hand. Then we shall be kissed by the puissant light of the sun–and discover if we are still frogs or if we have become something much more.”

Today we’re driving 3,5 hours to Pori after work, my husband’s other band has a gig there. Going there is quite nostalgic these days; it is the town where we studied for our Bachelor’s degrees, made a lot of friends and had the time of our lives.  Me and my husband met in 2001 when we started our studies there at the same class for Media and communications but it was only until 2004 that we started dating.  I met also three of my closest friends there, made two photo exhibitions and several short movies and other great projects with them. My husband is now a cameraman shooting and editing mostly news for two major Finnish channels as a freelancer, I’m a Graphic Designer/Pre-press operator in a cd/dvd production company. But I dream about that flower shop anyway 🙂

It’s cd 14 today, hoping for ovulation in a few days but we’ll see, no signs yet. I’ve learned now that I get the sore nipples already a few days before ovulation, not afterwards like I first thought. I guess it has to do with the rise of Estradiol. Yesterday I got a quite dark line on the OPK but not as dark as the control line. I do get visible lines throughout the cycle, interpreting them is somewhat interesting…

About the diet: Only a little chocolate at the movies (because I was really hungry and had to eat something.. Ok lame excuse!) but no other candies/ice-cream/cakes so far! Two ciders and a glass of sparkling wine on Wednesday and one cider yesterday at a heavy metal gig. Though I know that tonight there will be some drinking as we see our friends after a long time… No rice, potatoes or pasta, only salads, fruits and fish/chicken. No white bread, only the dark Finnish rye bread, which is actually quite good when you learn to like it. Only one cup of coffee every morning, none in the afternoon. Maybe I can do this 🙂


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  1. Good work!!

    And have fun tonight!!


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