1st appointment to the fertility clinic…in a month

July 21, 2008

I made the call this morning, and now we have to wait just another MONTH to get to the clinic. 21st August, 10.30 AM.

I’m going to bring the pile of paper with doctors statements about my endometriosis and infertilitas primaria with me, plus I’m going to print out all my bbt charts with my notes about backache and cramps from hell that last the whole month, thank you endometriosis. One whole month of waiting just for an appointment with an interview. And this was the more expensive clinic. I wonder how long the lines are for treatments then. But anyway, now I at least feel we are going somewhere. Slowly, but onward anyway.



  1. seems like all we do is wait.. hope the month goes by quickly for you!

  2. Sorry about the wait, but glad you have the ball rolling at least!!


  3. I’m relieved that we finally have an appointment fixed. I hope things start moving from there on…

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