CD1 lurking around the corner

July 9, 2008

I had high hopes that I would have fooled the lady in red this cycle, but no, she has managed to follow me despite all my attempts. This evening’s tearful hormone attack assured me with the familiar back pain and cramps, that she’s just around the corner, a few days away. Fuck this. It’s 8dpo, my usual luteal phase is 11 days so I guess it’ll be Sunday bloody Sunday.

We decided not to wait another natural cycle anymore, but to arrange an appointment to an infertility clinic some time soon.  With my endometriosis and family history there’s really no reason just to wait and see anymore, I want stronger guns to fight this all-consuming infertility.



  1. Ugh.

    I’m sorry hun. That blows.

    But good for you guys to get ready for the big guns. No time to waste, might as well get moving.

    I’ll keep everything crossed anyway that what you are feeling is early EPS, but in any case, I’ll be thinking about you.

    And tell me, do you have a sauna at home? I am in withdrawll/crushed mode regarding mine atm…..waaaaaaaaaa. So I need to live through you. 😉

  2. Thanks for support 🙂 I think moving on to professional help will proceed things much better than just trying on our own.

    We don’t have a sauna at home, as we live in an apartment building frome the 50’s. Actually there is even not a common sauna in the building, and that is really rare.

    In new apartment buildings (even the ones built for students and not-so-well of people) there is usually a sauna in every apartment. I dream of my own sauna, and when we will buy our own home there definetely has to be a sauna aswell! The best sauna is at my granny’s place in the central Finland. It is by a lake and some 100 years old.

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