After surgery

May 17, 2008

My laparoscopy was done on Wednesday the 14th May and I’m glad to tell that everyhting went fine and I’m recovering.

I woke up at 6 AM, put on the anti-embolism stockings and was driven to hospital by my husband. There I was told that my operation was scheduled at 10 AM so I would have a couple hours waiting ahead of me. I changed to the ever-so-sexy hospital gown and settled to my room with some magazines. About half an hour later the nurse came to tell me that they had changed the operation timetables and I would be the day’s first patient at 8 AM and because it was almost that time already they didn’t give me any sedative.

The nurse walked me to the bottom floor and I enterd the operation theatre where 4 nurses about my age greeted me.  I climbed to the table that reminded the one they have at the gynecologist’s only that I was laying my back down, not upwards as usual. Next the anesthesia doctor entered the room and I recognized his voice; it was the same Russian guy who had earlier laughed at me because I have a tattoo on my lower back and said that I would be in so much pain when giving birth because I couldn’t have an epidural. What a nice guy. Now he recommended me to think about “nice beaches in Thailand” and said he was giving me a pre-medication. After that I blacked out.

I woke up some 4 hours later, shivering cold and with the oxygen mustache attached to my nose, it itched like hell and I asked the nurse could I take it off but she said not yet. I was given pain medicine straight to IV and slept maybe an hour more. After waking up the nurse took my back to the ward and I slept some more and was given more pain killers.

A couple of hours later the other operating doctor came to see me. She was really nice, 30ish woman who told me that the surgery had gone really well. They had removed endometriosis scar tissue from my urinal bladder, behind my left ovary and behind my uterus and they had managed to get it all away with the laser. Because they had operated on my bladder, I had been cathetrised and was peeing turqoise liquid on a plastic bag. Pretty. (BTW removing the cathetre is NOT very pleasant!)

The doctor showed me pictures from my insides and told that they had also tested if my tubes were open or not, and luckily they were. So now getting pregnant should be easier. I was really relieved with these news although I’m already prepared myself for the fact that getting pregnant with endo is difficult and I might need IVF to conceive even though the operation went so well and all my organs seem to be in their right places and functioning.

I was released from the hospital around 5 PM and after that I’ve mostly laid on the sofa watching movies and eating candy. I wasn’t  on too much pain, even though the 10 km drive from hospital to home made me a bit nauseatic and I had to turn the AC to freezing so I wouldn’t throw up. First night was a bit difficult because I could only sleep on my back, not on my side at all, which would be my natural sleeping position. There are 4 holes on my stomach after the surgery; one in my navel, two on each side and one 15 cm below my navel. The stiches will melt away on their own.

The first days it felt like I would have done sit-ups with too large weights and getting up from the sofa and bed was difficult. I luckily had only a little of the shoulder pain produced by the C02 they put on my stomach during surgery and my stomach didn’t swell to the size of a basket ball. Now it’s Saturday and I was feeling good enough to attend my first godson’s christening. The wedding at another town I had to skip, and I’m glad I did because I’m already tired after the christening party.

My hopes are high after the surgery and because they didn’t find anything malicious inside me. My husband went to a semen test last Tuesday and we will get the results maybe next week. I truly hope everything is fine with him and we will finally get a family together!



  1. Thanks for sharing your story. My doctor informed my husband and myself today that I have only one working fallopian tube. He has recommended a laparoscopy to investigate further and you have helped to research the recovery process. Am I scared? Yes, but the image of our family supersedes my doubts. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your story. I will be going through the same procedure in a few weeks and am anxious to have it completed and to move on to the next chapter of our lives – a baby. It was very helpful to read about your procedure, especially regarding the recovery time. Thanks again.

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