Progress, finally!

November 19, 2015

It’s been 2,5 months since my last post and I’m glad to say I have made progress! I’m at 59,3 kg now and not planning to lose any weight any more, only gaining more muscle and firming the mid section.

I had my monthly appointment with the physiotherapist and she stated my progress also. My mid section is much stronger, my belly is smaller and generally my posture has improved a lot.

From August I have lost 6 cm in my waistline.

20151113_065330 20151113_065307

How I got here? By sticking most days to the low carb and low calory diet (ok, weekends excluded) and training 3 times a week. Once a week I attend a pilates class, once a week I have gone jogging (only 3 km but anyway) and once a week we have a one hour circuit training class with personal trainer at my work place (really really efficient and rewarding!). I’ve also tried to do my physio exercises a couple of times during the week but not so often lately, need to put more effort there.

Despite the good progress with diastasis I also have had some issues with endo lately.. I visited my gynecologist and she sent me further to specialized hospital for more detailed exams after Christmas. They are probably going to do an MRI scan to see if my bowel is attached to other tissue due to the symptoms I’ve had (pain on the left side of my belly and constipation all the time). I really hope there’s no need for surgery but at the same time I’m so sick of the never ending endo struggle.


Fat skinny person

September 3, 2015

I had a meeting with personal trainer at my worrkplace where she also made a body analysis with a machine. The results were a bit surprising, even though I knew I have fat in my mid section. Turns out I have 3kg (6.6 pounds) excess fat I need to get rid of, most of it situated in my torso area. Generally, too much fat and too little muscle. At the same time I shouldn’t lose weight but gain more muscle instead on my midsection and arms. And I should definitely exercise more, the minimum is 2 times a week. My waist-hips ratio was also over the limit, but there I blame DR mostly.

So even though I have always thought I’m eating more healthy than most of the people I have been building up a circle of fat around my waist with all the ice-cream, chocolate and candy feasts I used to have almost every evening while winding down from work and slouching on the sofa. But I’m determined to get rid of it.

I’m currently at 61,8 kg and my calories limit per day has dropped to 1100 according my calory calculator I’m using, and it is really really low. I can’t eat anything.

My menu today:

Breakfast 8.00

  • Teaspoon of linen seeds with 3 table spoons of sugar free blueberry soup
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 2 slices of rye bread with margarin, thin turkey cutlet and salad
  • Cup of coffee with skimmed milk

Snack 10.30

  • Three slices of cantaloupe

Lunch 12.30

  • Half a plate of chicken/broccoli/eggnoodle wok
  • Half a plate of salad with low fat cottage cheese and apple

Snack 16.00

  • 1 small banana
  • 1 slice of rye bread with margarin and thin turkey cutlet

Dinner 17.15

  • Chinese chicken soup (chicken breast, ginger, carrot, mushrooms, egg)
  • Cup of coffee with skimmed milk, half a digestive biscuit

And that’s it for today, I’ve already exceeded my limits…

With my progress with DR I’m getting a bit frustrated. I’m really not seeing the results I would like to see, but I know I should do more of the exercises too. All images below taken first thing in the morning, core muscles relaxed. These were taken one week ago at 24.8.

 2408right 2408left


August 16, 2015

It’s been 3 weeks of diet so far and I’m at 62,1kg, so I’ve managed to drop 2,3 kg (5lb 1.1oz)! Of course the weight has shifted up and down and on the lowest point I got to 61,3 kg, only to have it at 63,3 kg two days later (then I was ready to quit the whole project).

Ditching sugar hasn’t been as difficult I had anticipated. Ice-cream is my cryptonite, I could eat the whole box in one setting. I have followed my diet quite well, only occasional odysseys to the lure of white bread, potatoes and rice (sushi!). The rule of not eating after 7 PM had to be loosened though, as sometimes it’s impossible to have dinner before 20 in this circus.

Although my belly looks smaller in pics below compared to previous ones, with my diastasis recti I don’t see too much improvement yet. I’m having an appointment with my physiotherapist tomorrow and I hope she can give me good advice on what to eat and how to exercise more. I signed in for a pilates class and I need to know if there are some exercises I should skip because of DR.

I was looking at my pregnancy photos for my firstborn and even there at weeks as early as 6 and 7 my belly looked pretty much like it’s looking now. I’m starting to question if I could have had DR already before the kids? At least I’ve always had really poor posture that could be seen in those photos too. My back has really strong lordosis resulting in pelvic tilt which makes the DR effect much worse.

150816 150816left 150816front

All pics taken first thing in the morning with core muscles relaxed.


Progress? None yet

July 27, 2015

I’d like to say that in a month I’ve gained significable progress and look much better but actually the only thing I’ve gained is a few extra holiday pounds from all the ice-cream, cider, cava and barbeque food. I must admit I haven’t done my physiotherapist’s excercises on every day either. On Monday I return to work and at the same time I plan to make a diet makeover.

profile relaxed

Profile relaxed

Profile with deep core muscles activated

Profile with deep core muscles activated

Front relaxed

Front relaxed

Sorry about the crappy camera quality but you get the picture. I want to look at least close to the middle picture without sucking my stomach in.

Currently because most of the extra pounds (I’m 64.3kg i.e. 10 stones 1.8 pounds at the moment) are all on my waist it’s quite difficult to see what is fat and what is actual diastasis recti. And to make it even more difficult, endo also wants to play her part of course. The swelling comes and goes and that is also hard to distinguish when to blaim endo for my looks.

So to make it easier to see my diastasis recti healing process I’m gonna get rid of the extra pounds during the next 3 months.

My diet plan

Basically no pasta, rice or white bread. No candy, ice-cream, cake (or anything I love, sob)

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of rye bread, margarin, turkey and salad, cup of coffee with milk
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken/fish and cottage cheese
  • Snack: Banana or slice of rye bread with margarin and cottage cheese
  • Dinner: Wok/Soup/Salad with chicken/fish
  • Evening snack: Fruits with Greek youghurt + müsli or slice of rye bread with margarin and cottage cheese

My daily calory goal is approx. 1500 cal/day. No eating after 7 PM. On one day of the week I will cut some slack and have a nice dinner with DH at home and have a cider or a few glasses of wine. I plan to jog 1-2 times a week and go to the aerobics class once a week and make my physiotherapist’s excercises every day. More sports is just impossible with all the other stuff in my life.

So 1st November 2015 I plan will weigh 60 kg. On summer 2016 I plan to wear a bikini and actually feel awesome in it.


Third one on the way? No, even though I look like it.

June 15, 2015

Hello there my old friends and new ones. It’s been very very quiet here, since I haven’t been on ttc any more. My daughter just turned 4 and she’s the greatest. When other girls wanted a face paint on a birthday party they asked for princess, cat or a butterfly. And dear S? She wanted Turtles. But settled for a spider because the lady couldn’t paint Turtles as she didn’t have green colour on her stock.

We’ve had our ups and serious downs with DH but still after all the struggles we are together. It hasn’t been easy in any sense.

We’ve also had discussions of the possibility for the third child. But in several ways it feels that train has already passed. In a way I’m ridiculously sure that something would go wrong if I got pregnant the third time. No one can be that lucky. And as cute as newborns are, I remember too vividly the nights of not sleeping at all and being a complete zombie. Or actually don’t remember, if there weren’t photos of year 2011 and 2012 I couldn’t say what the hell happened in our life.

As for endometriosis, I’ve got the greatest doctor and she put me on this drug called Visanne. I’ve been on it for a year and it’s heaven. No period, no pain, no side effects. Only thing you can count as a minus is the price, but I’m happy to pay for this feeling.

Let’s get back on track and explain the title.

A few weeks ago a colleague was leaving and on her party another colleague (childless, 60ish lady) asked me in front of everyone “when are you starting your maternity leave?” “I’m not, thank you very much” I answered irritated.

But it’s true. I look 4 months preggo and that’s not good.

I used to be able to eat whatever and nothing sticked. Those days are definetely over. It’s 10 kg after the babies and even though I don’t mind the bigger boobs and booty it’s the mommytummy I want to get rid of.

Earlier I couldn’t really tell what was swelling from endo and what was not. Now that I feel pretty much endo free I started some googling with “diastasis recti“. I visited a doctor recently and she examined my abdomen and confirmed my doubts; my abs are separated but luckily not very severely. Today I had my first appointment with the physiotherapist and she did an ultrasound confirming the same condition.

The physiotherapist was great. She gave me two excercises to work on and promised if I followed the routine I would see results already in a month. The problem is not only how my belly looks. The problem is also my mid torso weakness; I cannot sit for a long time straight. I want to get my posture right and loose the preggo look. Not so much lose weight, maybe 2-3 kg would be nice (I’m now 63kg) but basically just to look and feel normal again.

So this blog will become alive at least for a while, and I will report my proceeding with the project. Next time I promise pictures!


My philosophy as a mother

December 19, 2011

I think I have none.

I have fed my both babies with breast and bottle, tried out cloth nappies and decided I prefer disposable ones, carried my babies in Manduca and in a sling as well as pushed them in the stroller and let them sit in the bouncer and crawl on the cat hair filled floor. Our kids have rules but they do have kisses and hugs too. I’m not pro-any “mother-ism”, I only pro-getting through the day the most comfortable way for us.

If I get through the day with both kids unharmed, fed and diapers changed I think I’ve done a good job. If I get to take a nap with the kids that’s a huge bonus. If our son doesn’t throw more than three tantrums during the day, that’s a miracle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children but in the evening I’m exhausted.

Here’s our usual schedule: (DD=Dear daughter, DS=Dear son)

1 AM I give DD her bottle

During the night 2-random amount of baby soothing and finding the missing pacifier

5-6 AM Feeding no. 2 after which little miss sunshine chatters in her crib next to me, obviously too loud for me to sleep.

7 AM DH wakes up and gives DS his morning porridge with blueberries, sometimes DD sleeps this time but if she doesn’t, he feeds her too.

8.30 AM DH wakes me up and leaves for work

8.30-9.15 AM I have my breakfast, clean up some (or not), dream of having a shower, we watch cartoons and play in DS’s room.

A rare happening

watching the morning children's programs

9.15 AM I try to put clothes on a kicking and screaming octopus, also known as our son. After yelling and fighting about the same thing over and over again I get him dressed, dress DD and try to put my own clothes as fast as possible while DD is screaming her lungs off because she hates waiting in her winter clothes.

9.30 I put both kids in the stroller and we head for grocery store nearby (approx 400m). Some times Sisu wants to walk on his own and the journey will take 30 minutes as he admires every car and squirrel on the way.

looking tired much?

9.40-10 AM At the grocery store, DS wants to have his own little shopping cart and tries to hit everyone in the store and puts groceries of his choice in the cart when I’m not watching. I try to get through the store with our mega-wide stroller without knocking things from the selves. One time I got stuck at the checkout counter because the way wasn’t wide enough. At the checkout DS tries to throw the groceries on the counter with variable success. After that he tries to run away through the entrance. I try to stuff the grocery bag under the stroller which is one of the most difficult things imaginable.

10-11.15 AM We go to the city organized play park near us to meet other kids and parents. If it’s good weather we play first outside, if not, I try to convince DS to get inside of me which he usually protests. Like today when he wanted to play in the pouring rain with no one else around. DS is a little attention thief and get’s all the personnel to play with him. DD usually sleeps in the stroller at least for 30 minutes while we are there, some times even the whole time. DS has a banana for snack, some times DD has some formula. If we go inside the whole battle with clothes is repeated when we leave for home. The play park is great. I get to meet other mom’s (and have even made friends with some) and DS gets to play with other kids. And it costs nothing.

11.30-12 AM I carry kids and shopping bags plus our diaper bag home. DS protests and want’s to play in the staircase and ring neighbor’s doorbell. I put DS’s food in the microwave, undress both kids outerwear (and myself while sweating like a pig), try to get DS to the table to eat his food and put Sissi in the bouncer and warm her food. Usually DS won’t eat by himself so I have to feed him first and let DD wait or try to feed them both simultaneously which is a challenge.

12 PM I change DS’s diaper, we do some potty training (or not) and he goes to nap with his bunnies and pacifier. I feed DD with pureed vegetables and meat, change her diaper and play with her if she isn’t tired. I try to clean some of the mess in the kitchen.

Pureed carrots and potatoes

12.30-1.30 PM DD has some formula and goes to her nap. I sit on the computer and have some quality time with gmail, facebook and others and try to do some tasks for our web shop. I warm my lunch (last night’s delicious leftovers) in the microwave and eat it while watching some quality entertainment (like ANTM) on tv.

1.30 PM I try to crawl as quiet as possible to the bedroom so DD won’t wake up and I can have my nap aswell. Or then DS will wake up at this time (like today) and there’s no nap for mommy! Or then I’m greedy and use all the nap time for school assignments, internets or tv.

DS in his bed

Around 2-3 PM DS wakes up, I change his diaper and give him cereal with yogurt. Usually DD wakes up soon as well and I give her some pureed fruits.

3-5 PM We play inside, watch cartoons and DS might paint something. Some days we go outside but now it get’s pitch black dark at 4PM and it’s raining so that option is not very tempting. Sometimes we get a play date visitor and mommies can have a cup of coffee and gossip while the kids play.

Intense painting exercise

enjoying coffee and cinnamon buns

5 PM DS and DD have dinner, DD will go to nap no 3.

5.30 PM DH gets home from work, he will play with DS and we watch tv.

6 PM DD wakes from her nap

6.30 PM DS has his evening porridge, DD has some pureed fruit

6.45 PM DS goes to take a shower and we wash his teeth. DD might have her bath (not every evening) and we wash her teeth.

7 PM Both kids go to sleep, DD might have some formula.

7. 30 PM Me and DH have dinner, talk about the day and watch crap on tv and relax. I might do some work on the computer or read for my thesis.

10.30 PM I go to sleep.

Our days go pretty much the same route. Going out every morning is a challenge but still I prefer it to staying inside.

And last but not least, happy holidays everyone 🙂


Getting settled

June 7, 2011


Curious little sister

Life with two children means a lot more chaos than before and one has to be hell of a good organizer to get through the every day tasks. Us four leaving to the play park every morning takes about 45 minutes of preparation beforehand, wonder how I’ll manage it when DH’s paternity leave ends after two weeks?

It is true that the second baby doesn’t get as much attention as the firstborn since a lot of energy and time is needed to watch after a 1,5 year old. And it is also so much easier this time to take care of a baby, since we trust our own instincts and know that the baby is doing fine. She loves eating, and breastfeeding is going well now. Today we have a weighing so we’ll see how much’s she’s grown already at the ripe age of 10 days 🙂

I’m wondering what to do with this blog, since I’m not keen on sharing too much about my family life on the internet and I don’t even know if anyone is following anymore. Also I don’t have time to post too often so this has become a blog desert with a post here and there. I’m going to leave all the posts public as they are now, since many people searching for information about IF-treatments seem to come here. As for new posts, I don’t know if there will be any. If you want to know what’s happening with us, you can leave a comment with your email info (other’s won’t see your email) and I can befriend you in FB. My feed is mostly in Finnish but pictures are a universal language 🙂